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In July of 2021 and 2023, the Big Bass Lake Community Association facilitated a private well owner water sampling and testing program. During this program, Mr. Brian Oram presented “Private Water Supply: A Pennsylvania Perspective Big Bass Lake Community”.  The theme of the presentation was “Groundwater and Surface Water are Connected.”

The focus of the program provided information about what we know about the groundwater quality for the Big Bass Lake Region and how the Community and Individuals can implement programs or management to improve and/maintain groundwater quality.

Brian Oram, Licensed Professional Geologist

The presentation focused on the following topics:

The Water Cycle
Well Siting / Permitting or the Lack of an Ordinance
Well Construction or the Lack of Construction Standards
Hazards In Your Community (Order a Neighborhood Hazard Report)
Components of a Well Water System
Why Test My Well Water?
The Know Your H20 Diagnostic Tool
Most Common Problems with Well Water in this Region
Well Maintenance
Get Your Water Tested for What YOU Need

2023 Presentation PDF