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Our Mission:

At Big Bass Lake Community Association we strive to promote a high quality of life and to protect property values through the prudent use of resources, for the benefit of all who live, visit or work in our community.

Our Vision:

We at Big Bass Lake Community Association, provide a high-quality of life through enjoyable living and recreation in an environment that is safe and maintained in as natural a state as possible. This is accomplished through the prudent use of natural, human, and financial resources, utilizing committed volunteers and staff, enforcing equitable rules and regulations, performing careful planning and development, and developing good relations with the surrounding community. Those who benefit include property owners, their families and guests, renters, employers, and the people who live and work in the surrounding community.

Our Values:

Big Bass Lake Community Association believes that to excel and remain one of the premier communities in Pennsylvania, we should provide an environment where both the members and staff can thrive in mutual respect and promote an atmosphere where all can prosper.

If you’d like to read our Strategic Master Plan for 2020 to 2024, click here.