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A tree cutting permit is required for any tree or shrub over 3” in diameter at its base. Prior to the cutting of any trees, the Property owner shall apply for and receive a permit, issued by the Architecture Review Committee (ARC) or their designated official.

Maintenance of existing tree and shrub areas through trimming shall be allowed without permit. There is no fee for the permit. The permit shall indicate that compliance with the BBLCA policy regarding the cutting and removal of trees shall be strictly followed. Prior to any tree or shrubs over 3” in diameter at its base being cut, trees and shrubs to be removed shall be marked with ribbon. The ARC prior to issue of the permit shall take pre-removal photographs. The pre-photograph may be waived at the discretion of the ARC.

If the tree is broken and has not fallen on the ground the owner does not need to apply for a permit to remove the damaged tree. Although, the resident must call the Administration Office at 570-842-6388 to inform us about the broken tree.

Tree Removal/Cutting Permit Form

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