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A little bit about us:

In the late 1890s, the Norwegian, Lars Larsen began building family vacation homes on Long Island more than 130 years ago, possibly envisioning a future of leisure home building within his family. In the 1960s, brothers Lou and John Larsen started housing development continuing the family tradition and expanding their influence. They included lands around the scenic Pocono Ponds area in Clifton Township. This densely wooded area used for hunting, camping, and lumbering would soon be their new vacation home community.

A few years later in 1971, the new community became Big Bass Lake. The community marketed itself to families not from the area, mainly in New Jersey and New York. Families could experience the beauty of Northeast Pennsylvania within Big Bass Lake and spend time here all year round. The plan was a massive success and families flocked to Big Bass Lake for vacations. Big Bass Lake Inc., owned by the Larsen Family, turned over the community’s management to Big Bass Community Association in 1990 and since has been a gem in the Gouldsboro area.

Big Bass Lake consists of all the amenity areas and units on approximately 1900 acres containing 1,129 improved lots, 549 undeveloped lots owned by members, 17 owned by Big Bass Lake, Inc. (the original developer), and 21 lots owned by Big Bass Lake Community Association. The number of units that can be developed by BBLCA is 1,756. BBLCA now has 1,678 total units.