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Outdoor Pool & Splash Pad

Open weekends only May 29-June 21 from 11am-6:45pm.
Open daily beginning June 22 through Sept. 6 from 11am-6:45pm.
September 6: open 11am-5pm (closes for the season).

Open weekends only May 29-June 21 from 9am-11pm.
Open Daily: June 22-August 24 from 9am-11pm and Aug. 25- Sept. 1: open 9am-7pm.

The heated swimming pool will be open only when there is a lifeguard on duty.
The lifeguard is fully authorized to maintain proper conduct for the safety and enjoyment of persons using facilities. The use of any disciplinary action shall be at his/her discretion.

Children 7 years old and younger cannot be unsupervised at any of the Big Bass Lake common areas. Children 13 years of age and younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times. An adult is defined as a person 18 years and older.

Eating and drinking are strictly prohibited in the pool areas; except for water in non-metallic, non-breakable containers. Glass containers are not permitted at any aquatic facility. Coolers and thermoses should be left at the pool desk when entering the outdoor pool area.

US Coast Guard approved floatation devices may be used by persons actively supervised by an adult who can demonstrate suitable swimming ability.
Reasonably sized plastic toys may be used by children on the beaches and near the shoreline of the lakes. Balls are not permitted in the pool. Articles of any kind may not be thrown into pool.

Socializing and distracting lifeguards while they are on duty is prohibited. Running, dunking, pushing in, or horseplay of any kind is not permitted. Enter swimming areas with caution at all times.

Clothing other than bathing suits are not to be worn in the pools or beaches (this includes cut offs).
No diving at the indoor or outdoor pool. Flips, back dives, or other stunts are not allowed from the side of the pool. Small diving toys may be used in the pool with the lifeguard`s permission and proper adult supervision, during non-peak hours only.

Use of the deep-water areas in the pools is limited to individuals who can swim the width of the pool in a satisfactory manner. Qualification is at the discretion of the pool staff and may be requested at any time.

Sitting or hanging on the ropes and ladders in the pools will not be permitted.
Small children must use aquatic diapers.
Coolers and thermoses should be left at the pool desk when entering the outdoor pool area.

Changing into or out of swimsuits is prohibited in the pool areas. Please use the bathhouse and locker room provided.

Aquatic Diapers are required. Regular diapers are not permitted.

No running in Splash Pad area.
Important Information

Location: Livingston Lane

Hours: See Above

Phone: (570) 842-4739