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Tennis and Pickleball Courts

The courts at the Clubhouse require reservations from June to September.

The following rules apply to each separate area:

CLUBHOUSE COURTS near outdoor pool:

Daily tennis reservation sheets are available at the Activities Desk in the Clubhouse. Same-day reservations begin at 9am. Reservations are needed only during posted hours. Playing outside of these hours is permitted on a first come - first serve basis.

Reservations and unreserved playing are limited to one hour if people are waiting.
Valid badges must be shown before the staff can accept a reservation. Reservations for court times can only be made one day in advance, beginning at 10am each morning.

Members may reserve only 1 hour of play per day. However, they may play more than once a day when invited to by another member who has reserved a court time that day as well.

NOTE: The person who reserved the court must be an active participant during the reserved hour. Sign-up sheets will be in the `sign up` book at the Activities Desk in the Clubhouse and monitored by a staff member, who will make sure that members sign up for only 1 court in their name, per day. When signing up for a court time, an individual must note their first and last name as well as their badge number. If an individual cannot be present to sign up for court time on a given day, that individual may call the Clubhouse to reserve an hour of play.

Players with reservations are asked to report to the Tennis Complex 10 minutes before their scheduled time or they may lose their right to the court. Courts with be closed from 12 noon to 2pm Mondays through Thursdays to facilitate our Tennis Team practices.

The following rules relate to both tennis areas:

Proper tennis attire required. Tennis attire includes neat shorts or skirts and a shirt or blouse. Cut-offs, swim suits, jeans, Bermuda shorts, tank tops, and halter-tops are not allowed. Footwear must consist of proper tennis shoes. No sneakers with black rubber soles are allowed on the courts.

Only active participants are allowed in the tennis and pickleball court areas.

On weekends and holidays, children under 10 years of age may not reserve court time or play tennis unless playing with an adult.

No food or beverages of any kind shall be consumed within the tennis and pickleball court areas, except for water. Water containers must be non-metallic, and non-breakable. No smoking in the tennis court areas. Please keep the courts free of litter.

Important Information

Location: Clubhouse and Larsen Beach

Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Opens: Weather Permitting

Closes: Weather Permitting

Phone: (570) 842 - 4739